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Team Members

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Janell Meyer

With 20 years of experience, Janell Meyer sure does know everything there is to know about Fine Impressions. Janell is an estimator and is responsible for quoting all possible projects that come through. It is important for her to make sure she is getting the best deal for not only Fine Impressions, but also the customer. She wants to give each customer options so that they can pick the best fit in the end.

Before Janell was an estimator, she worked in production. She has been a loyal employee at Fine Impressions and says that her coworkers make her job fun and most of them have also been working alongside her for as long as she has been with the company.

Janell's work motto, "work smarter, not harder" is evident in the quotes she does for the customers. Janell is dependable and customers know she will always get them the best deal! Her charismatic and outgoing personality shines at Fine impressions and makes her an important asset in the office.

In her free time, Janell likes to spend time with her family and enjoys a multitude of activities such as fishing, going to the skate park and playing softball. She also has a competitive side and has enjoyed being a part of the Mankato Roller Derby Girls for years and goes by the name 'Naughty Nelly'.

Janell is excited to continue her journey here at Fine Impressions and can't wait to see what the future holds. If you ever need a quote on a project, Janell is the perfect person to contact.

"It will be, what it will be"
Elisa Jones

In November, Elisa Jones will be with Fine Impressions for twenty years. Her current role is administrative assistant, accounts payable and a first responder. She starts her busy workdays in the envelope building and ends her days at the front desk. She carries a multitude of duties daily including paying bills, multiple projects and answering phones.

Elisa's job is important to Fine Impressions' customers because she is the first voice they hear when they call. It is her duty to direct them to the correct person to help find the solution to what a customer might need.

She has also held other job positions at Fine Impressions such as, operating the Heidelberg, Rosback and Tip-on press, quality control and new items coordinator. Elisa's favorite things about her work are the people and the variety of her position. She also commented that Fine Impressions is very family oriented, which she loves.

In her free time, Elisa enjoys going to sporting events, traveling, spending time with her kids and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles with her husband. She has also taken up playing pool since 1996 and in January she took first place in a singles tournament. It also happened to be her first time playing in that tournament!

Elisa would describe herself as personable, helpful and friendly - which makes her perfect for her job. With her life motto, "It will be, what it will be" Elisa is able to take on any and all big projects with calm and ease.

Dedication and Passion
Mary Krenik

Dedication and passion are two things Mary Krenik has when it comes to her job at Fine Impressions. She has held her position as a purchasing agent for the past sixteen years. Mary would say that developing relationships with the mills she buys envelope and napkin material from, is one of her favorite parts of the job. Being able to make a relationship based on what we can do for a mill and what they can do for us is all part of her daily duties. She helps Fine Impressions customers by getting them the best deals from suppliers that she can.

Before Mary came to us, she was still in the Taylor Corp family at Precision Press within the marketing and inside sales department for sixteen and a half years. Mary is also a Mankato native who enjoys camping with her husband and two kids.

Fine Impressions has been able to retain their employees for years. Mary's coworkers have been with her for almost as long as she has been a purchasing agent. She enjoys the close community they all have become, "Everyone has worked in the office for about ten years, we are all pretty close. Which is nice." Mary has a strong desire to successfully see every job through. This can be evident in the amazing work she does and the relationships she consistently maintains.

Taking Pride in His Work
Keith Anderson

According to Benjamin Franklin, "It is the working man who is the happy man." And there is none who is happier about their work then Keith Anderson. Keith has completed nearly 20 years at Fine Impressions, responsible for general maintenance... in his words: "keeping the place clean and safe". Keith long ago recognized that providing a clean environment boosts the spirits of his co-workers and makes them happier, so they can do their best job for the customer.

According to Keith, it starts with the pride he takes in his work. He cares how things look and works to make things neat and clean so when the day is done, he can go home satisfied knowing he did his part for Fine Impressions.

Keith wears a perpetual smile. He describes himself as "happy go-lucky" and "friendly" and says having a positive attitude makes his day better and rubs off on everyone else. Visitors to Fine Impressions often comment on the cleanliness and neatness of the facility. It's Keith's behind-the-scenes work and outlook that helps make that impression, creating a happy workplace to service the customer.

A People Pleaser
Chasity Lehrke

Memorable customer service comes from the heart... it starts with a genuine passion for the customer and putting oneself in the customer's place to deliver the best possible experience. When Chasity Lehrke performs her job at Fine Impressions it's a take on the golden rule, she provides customer service in the way she would want to receive it. According to Chasity, her job is to be the "voice of the customer" and beginning to end see to it that the customer's vision is successfully executed.

Chasity comes to her job with a unique skill set. She's had a real estate license and formerly worked in California where she says that experience taught her how to interact with all kinds of people and see their dreams. Growing up on a farm in southern Minnesota taught Chasity the value of hard work and since arriving at Fine Impressions, she's run presses (and occasionally still does) and prepares job quotes for customers.

Chasity calls herself a people pleaser. She takes personally every opportunity to work with a customer. So when she asks: "what can I do to help?" you know she has a sincere desire to successfully see every job through and make the customer happy.

Making "Fine Impressions" for our Customers
Gail Runke

What do you get when you mix 37 years on the job with polished skill running nearly every piece of machinery at Fine Impressions? You get Gail Runke, who clearly represents the Fine Impressions brand with her blend of knowledge borne out of experience, and her southern Minnesota work ethic.

Gail is one of the Fine Impressions originals. She was here when the company started and she's still here today using her expertise to make sure customer orders are produced to standards of quality only her expert eye can spot. As a trained operator of all stamping/embossing/die–cutting and laser cutting presses at Fine Impressions, Gail has produced every conceivable type of product, many times, throughout her nearly four decade career.

Growing up on a southern Minnesota dairy farm taught Gail about dedication and hard work and those qualities drive her even when not on the job. She calls "exercise" her hobby. She's currently enrolled in kick–boxing classes with her son and enjoys the intensity of a good workout.

So when you wonder who may be the Fine Impressions press operator running your job, assuring that your expectations are met and exceeded, it could well be Gail Runke, our jack of all trades and master of all, too!

Making a Difference – On the Job and Beyond
Rich Lund

"Whatever it takes". Anyone who has worked with Rich Lund knows he lives that approach. No matter the time it may take, or the time of day or night, Rich is there to help. Whether in his work as a Fine Impressions Senior Account Executive, or in his approach to life, Rich's goal is to make a difference.

That includes going around the world to create a dream experience for the U16 girls' soccer team he coaches. This summer, Rich hopes to create lifetime memories for 18 girls at the world's largest youth soccer tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. Rich describes himself as a super soccer fanatic. But that won't stop him from slipping away from the tournament to visit a customer!

Rich grew up in southern Minnesota. His work at a rest home and assisted living facility helped shape his sense of compassion and desire to help others. Professionally, Rich has been in a sales role for fifteen years, with ten years of production and operations experience before that, equipping Rich with knowledge and experience that is invaluable for his customers.

Rich likes to take away a customer's worries, so they can focus on their own customers, marketing and product development. Rich figures out solutions. Doing whatever it takes… around the world or at home.

A Positive Voice in A/R
Terri Fischer

Terri Fischer certainly doesn't fit the profile of a hard–core bill collector. In fact, as head of Accounts Receivable at Fine Impressions, Terri finds great satisfaction in helping a customer through financial difficulties. Terri says she's found you "catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". And she applies that philosophy toward her work with customers who may owe more than they can currently pay.

Terri says it starts with knowing the customer and setting a reasonable credit limit, carefully balancing their product needs with their ability to pay. But in those rare situations where difficulty is encountered, Terri says she uses "positive communication" to help the customer work through the issue and remain viable.

Besides handling A/R, Terri is also responsible for EDI and IT at Fine Impressions. She's coming up on 23 years of service within Taylor Corporation, having previously held positions including receptionist, customer service and as EDI coordinator at other corporate companies.

Maybe it was her growing up as one of thirteen children on a farm in Southern Minnesota that gave Terri the ability to work with many types of personalities and successfully juggle many responsibilities. Or maybe it's her time as an 8th grade girls' volleyball coach which equips Terri with patience. In any case, working with Terri is a positive experience. As she says: "attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Growing Up in the Business
Ben Rigdon

For such a young man, Ben Rigdon has a lot of varied experience at Fine Impressions. Ben started in a warehouse position just out of high school. Now, nearly ten years later he supervises the Kluge and offset departments. In the years between, Ben gained valuable experience working in accounts payable, purchasing and scheduling.

During his decade at Fine Impressions, Ben completed a finance degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is also part of a hand–picked Innovation Development team within Taylor Corporation. This group researches new, innovative equipment or process ideas. Those with the best customer/market potential are selected for funding and implementation.

When not working, you can find Ben caring for Titan and Buttercup, two dogs he adopted. He also loves gardening, kayaking, snowboarding and camping in the "great outdoors".

As a young man, already with a lifetime of experience, Ben says he hopes to further combine his education in finance with his passion for innovation continuing to assure the customer's needs are met.

A Listening Ear
Sue Anderson

A listener who hears your good ideas and helps make them even better. Sounds like the ideal person to work with doesn't it? Well meet Sue Anderson, a new member of the Fine Impressions sales team, and a self-professed "modifier" who loves to hear your thoughts and discover a way she can help.

Sue joined the Fine Impressions team earlier this year with over two decades experience in our organization as a graphic designer, creative director, brand manager, B2B direct mail manager and retail marketing advisor. With that vast experience comes special skills that make Sue unique in her role.

She notes the wide diversity of customers and prospects she works with at Fine Impressions and how listening to their history, challenges and goals gives her the liberty to think creatively to find an approach that will bring value to the customer. According to Sue, sometimes that value is found in development of new product, broadening of a product line, a lower price or improved purchasing patterns.

When not working, Sue applies her listening skills to historical narratives, such as personal story–telling, reading or programs on the History and Discovery channels. For a change of pace, you can find her walking, working in her garden or volunteering at the local pet shelter.

Have a business idea you'd like to share with Sue? She'd love to hear it.

Gregg is 40!
Gregg Giersdorf

Well Gregg Giersdorf might wish he was 40 years old again! Instead, we're honoring Gregg for 40 years with Fine Impressions and our organization! Because Gregg is that rare employee who has stayed with the same company his entire career, our customers benefit from his long–term knowledge and expertise.

As Purchasing Manager Gregg is responsible for all purchasing functions, inventory management, supervision of the purchasing team, oversight of warehouse functions and FSC certification. Through this role, Gregg assures we have the product and components on hand to take care of our customers' needs. In 2013, 98% of Fine Impressions orders shipped on time, evidence of a job well done.

Gregg is widely regarded as the company's foremost expert on paper. He comments that he enjoys the creative aspects of working with paper mills to help design/specify the right type of paper for a customer's needs. Gregg says he enjoys guiding a customer's paper choices, assuring they get the right look and feel but also a paper practical to manufacture and economical for the project.

A little known fact about Gregg… he is a deep water certified scuba diver which gives him the opportunity to leave the cold Minnesota tundra for the warm waters of the Caribbean on a regular basis.

But we're glad he keeps coming back to help our customers. As he says: "There are no problems… just opportunities for personal and professional growth." With 40 years under his belt, Gregg has seen nearly every "opportunity", and is a resource of exceptional knowledge, excited to help Fine Impression's customers achieve success. (pictured: Fine Impressions GM Mike Schmitt, left; Gregg Giersdorf, right)

The Customer's Advocate
Londa Ferguson

Isn't it wonderful to work with someone who is devoted to your needs? Who spends their time making sure you are taken care of? Well then you'll like working with Londa Ferguson, a twelve year veteran of Fine Impressions Customer Service Department.

Londa brings a southern Minnesota practicality to her job, serving as the customer's advocate and making sure orders are processed and shipped in a timely and precise manner. She's proud of her role as the voice of the customer and spends a lot of her work day on the production floor monitoring each detail of each order. That attention to the needs of her customers has resulted in devoted and lasting friendships, as customers share with Londa news about kids, grandkids and vacations.

When not on the job, Londa likes spending time with her family and attending craft sales. Self–described as "fun with a good sense of humor", Londa can be found with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye. After all, when asked if she has a favorite quote, Londa responds: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn… then be a unicorn!"

We're just glad Londa is Londa. And we're glad she works for Fine Impressions!

Customers Benefit from Experience
Gretchen Clyde

Seventeen years and a wide array of hands–on production experience. That's the extensive level of expertise Fine Impressions estimator Gretchen Clyde brings to her job. Every day, Gretchen works with customer projects to help bring them to life. And every day, Gretchen calls on her years of experience, running nearly every press at Fine Impressions.

In preparing a price quote for a customer, Gretchen has to sort through the details of every job. She starts by talking to the customer, trying to get a good understanding of the customer's vision for the product starting with what kind of paper and what kind of processes. With that information and knowing how the project could run on each press, she can find the most cost-effective and efficient way to manufacture it.

Gretchen describes herself as "easy going" and always willing to help. When not working, Gretchen enjoys running and the "runners high" that comes from exercise. Gretchen applies that kind of energy to her work at Fine Impressions and sees her role as a "guide" for the customer… making sure the customer achieves their vision and is pleased with the final result.

Customer Care from Child Care Skills
Angie Heins

Meet Angie Heins, an eight year press operator at Fine Impressions who correlates her background in child development with caring for the customer. Angie primarily operates an NSF foil stamping press but is cross–trained to run the Fine Impressions Heidelberg and Gietz presses and the laser cutter.

Day to day Angie foil stamps and embosses greeting cards and stationery products. She observes that she loves the variety of each new job and the different challenges she sees each day.

Having grown up on a farm in Southern Minnesota, Angie has a degree in Child Development, has worked in day care, raises a family and is active in early childhood education. It's the concepts of caring for a child and being concerned for their well-being that she says crosses-over to her work at Fine Impressions. According to Angie, she takes care of the customer by assuring their expectations for quality are met and surpassed and the customer's order is completed on time.

She describes herself as outgoing, happy and positive… always trying to find the "fun" in things. For Angie, its fun to know she has made a customer happy, an outcome her personal care helps assure.

Our Employees!

At Fine Impressions we are proud of the wealth of knowledge we possess, based upon the long–term experience of our team. Our experience, and the understanding gained from it, puts Fine Impressions in the unique position of being able to truly help our customers build their business and achieve success.

In 2014, we recognized 21 different Fine Impressions employees for a cumulative 455 years of experience with the company! That's an average of 21.5 years per employee! Think about that experience… our employees have manufactured millions of products, shipped thousands of orders, and advised hundreds of customers. And think about the positive culture of a company that can boast of such long–term employee dedication.

So when you need to trust your project to a partner, place it in the hands of a company with employees who have seen it and successfully done it before.

Congratulations and thank you to the Fine Impressions team!